How is payment handled? Will my insurance pay for your services?

Many remediation jobs are covered by homeowner’s insurance or the equivalent (e.g., insurance held by a landlord or business owner). For example, crime scenes, unattended death, medical traumas, and damage from animals like raccoons and skunks are generally covered by insurance. In these cases, On Call Bio Nebraska will take the insurance information, complete the remediation, and work directly with the insurance company to submit the claim. The insured will only be responsible for their insurance deductible.

When work is not covered by homeowner’s insurance, or the insured chooses not to use homeowner’s insurance, On Call Bio Nebraska will provide a cost estimate. Before work begins, On Call Bio Nebraska requires a 50% down payment. The remaining payment will be collected after the work is complete. Remediation of mice droppings, cat urine, and hoarding is generally not covered by insurance.

When should I call professional trauma cleanup company?

In general, the answer is “if you do not feel comfortable or safe cleaning it up yourself, you should call a professional cleanup company.” In so many instances, family members and friends cannot emotionally handle cleaning up after a traumatic event.

Equally important, employees, family members, and friends generally do not have the right tools—or experience–to ensure that blood and other biohazards are cleaned properly. If they are not cleaned properly, odors and diseases/bacteria can linger as unwanted reminders of the traumatic event. If proper protection is not used, individuals doing the clean-up, and others with whom they come into contact, can be in danger of being injured or becoming ill.

Whether the situation involves tear gas, suicide, accident, unattended death, hoarding, or a communicable disease, calling a professional trauma cleanup company can provide the peace of mind that the situation has been handled properly. Let On Call Bio Nebraska help you clean-up properly!

What type of cleaning process does On Call Bio Nebraska use? Is it safe?

On Call Bio Nebraska’s treatment process depends on the situation at hand. In most cases, we use multiple specialty products to clean, sanitize, and deodorize the affected property. While they are powerful cleaners, these products are also safe for the environment and the people who are in the property.

We also remove items that cannot be fully cleaned, like fabrics and carpeting, and remove odors from the air itself. Our goal? To leave the property clean and safe for people to live and work in.

What organizations does On Call Bio Nebraska partner with?

Over the years, we have worked with many private and governmental organizations, including:

  • Police Chaplains and Officers
  • Aging and disability programs
  • City and county inspectors
  • The Salvation Army
  • Housing Authorities
  • Charitable programs
  • Hoarding taskforces
  • Funeral homes
  • Nursing homes and rehabilitation centers
  • Property managers and landlords
  • Professional organizers
Do I need to present while you work?

That is entirely up to you! Some individuals find that they cannot return to the home until after it has been cleaned up. They may ask a friend or relative to be present instead. Others want to be at the home or office during the remediation. Whether or not they observe the cleanup, they feel more comfortable being present themselves. Still others are in and out, working or attending to other pressing tasks. On Call Bio Nebraska is comfortable with whatever is comfortable for you.

Before they are hired, On Call Bio Nebraska employees are screened and undergo a background check. During employment, On Call Bio Nebraska supervisors and technicians work together for your peace of mind and their safety. Random drug testing is conducted for all employees. Overall, we have precautions in place to both hire honest and respectful workers and ensure they remain honest and respectful throughout their employment.

What sets On Call Bio Nebraska apart from other biohazard cleanup companies?

Two things set On Call Bio Nebraska apart: our professionalism and our compassion. On Call Bio Nebraska is a fully-licensed, bonded, and insured company specializing in the remediation and decontamination of crime and accident scenes, hoarding situations, and contaminated buildings. 100% of the work we do involves biohazards. All employees follow strict safety procedures and receive training on effective cleaning processes and tools. Our teams discuss each scene prior to beginning work to ensure that everyone understands the situation and any specific customer considerations or requests.

Just as important, On Call Bio Nebraska employs caring and compassionate individuals who strive to make the difficult situations in which we work just a little bit easier for our customers. We take pride in the complements our team receives, not just for the quality of our work but for the kind and polite way we interact. Our technicians are compassionate, highly trained, discrete, and committed to helping those dealing with situations they never wanted to be in.

What type of biohazards does On Call Bio Nebraska remediate?

On Call Bio Nebraska can help you address many different biohazards. See Our Services page for the variety of things we remediate.


Is On Call Bio Nebraska a woman-owned business?

Yes! On Call Bio Nebraska is woman-owned!